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Grand Canyon in Morning Shadows-8856Abstract Landscape - California HIghwayIvanpah GlimmeringAbstract Landscape - Sonoran Dunes IIAbstract Landscape - Sonoran Dunes IAbstract Landscape – Chaos in the DeltaHealing Shroud - Copper CanyonsAbstract Landscape – Elegance in ChaosAbstract Landscape – On the SeaRolling in the Morning Light IAbstract Landscape: Adeii EechiiSan Bernardino MinesAlpineRed Rock CanyonAbstract Landscape: Ridge LinesAbstract Landscape: Sonoran Desert IAbstract Landscape: Sonoran Desert IIAbstract Landscape: Sonoran Desert IIIAbstract Landscape: Sonoran Desert IVTemple on the Summit